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What is Abdominoplasty? Who are eligible for it?
It is an operation applied especially for patients who want to get rid of the abdomen sagging due to excessive weight fluctuations or the skin cracks due to pregnancy.
Abdominoplasty is based on the principle of removing excessive skin and fat tissue from groins called as lower abdomen to the belly button and tightening the underlying muscle layers. Mostly female patients who do not plan any pregnancy in future are preferred.

There are two types of abdominoplasty:
Total abdominoplasty
Mini (Non-total) abdominoplasty
In total abdominoplasty the entire skin from the groin to the button belly is fully removed and a totally new button belly is formed while in mini abdominoplasty it is enough to remove a certain amount of skin from the groin and no new button belly is formed.

How is this operation performed?

The operation takes place under general anesthesia. A cut is made from one of the pelvis to the other end, such cut usually remaining underwear. Abdomen skin is removed from over the abdomen muscles, and the excessive part of the skin is stretched downwards. A new button belly is formed. If there is separation between abdomen muscles, those muscles will be re-tightened. Cuts made will be esthetically stitched, and then two drains will be placed on the operation area and a special operation corset will be put.

1 or 2 day stay at the hospital is usually enough following the operation. Drains placed during the operation will be withdrawn when the fluid amount coming into them decreases. Patients will need to pay attention to their dressings for 10-15 days and usually spend this time resting at home. Scar removing creams are usually recommended after 3 weeks