Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation surgery; It replaces the already small volume loss or the volume loss that occurs after pregnancy and breastfeeding and increases your self-confidence. Postpartum breast reduction, sagging and loosening are recovered. The asymmetry between the two breasts is tried to be equalized. The goal of breast augmentation surgery is to provide a natural appearance as much as possible, taking into account your wishes. Breast augmentation is achieved by placing the silicone called prosthesis under the muscle.

The majority of patients focused only on enlarging their breasts. However, there are other factors that will affect the result besides size, such as the shape and size of the breasts, skin quality, amount of subcutaneous fat tissue, the location of the nipple, the size of the rib cage, the amount and shape of the sagging breasts. In other words, the method required for each patient is different, the size of the silicone breast prosthesis or the surgical method that fits someone else may not suit you.

Silicone prosthesis fills the breast skin, but cannot lift a sagging breast. In some cases, such as sagging breast tissue, breast augmentation surgery should be performed together with breast lift surgery.