Arm Aesthetics

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What is Arm Aesthetics? Why do we need arm aesthetics?
It is aimed to correct any fat accumulation or skin sagging forming in interior and rear parts of the upper arm.

We usually need arm aesthetics due to sagging of the excessive skin by the impact of the gravity as the result of weight gain, genetic predisposition, or weight loss.

What are the arm aesthetics operation methods?
We can remove the fat accumulated in the arm area, particularly lower part of the arm by liposuction.

However, if there is excessive skin in addition to fat accumulation on this part or if the fat inside of the arm has decreased due to especially high amounts of weight loss, leading to skin sagging, skin removal is unavoidable.

In skin removal operation in arm lifting operations, in some cases, we can collect the excessive skin towards the armpit with the scar only remaining under the armpit, however in cases with advanced excessive skin extending towards the elbow, a scar from the armpit to the elbow in the inner part of the arm is unavoidable.

Whether it is a limited or full skin removal operation, liposuction is applied almost in all cases.