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What is Liposuction? Why is it applied?
Liposuction is the operation of vacuuming fat out of the undesired parts of the body by the help of thin canullas.

There might be fat accumulation in various parts of our body due to genetic or hormonal reasons or because of weight gain of certain amounts. Liposuction is an effective surgical method in correction of contour deformities that may occur in such parts.

“Liposuction is not a weight-loss operation but a contour correction operation.”

On which parts is Liposuction usually applied?
The most common application areas for liposuction include cheeks and lower chin on the face, and breasts, belly circumference, side parts of the waist as well as back, upper arm, upper outer and inner thighs, and inner knee on the body.

The most common liposuction application areas include correction of breasts called gynecomastia, in and belly and waist circumference in males while waist circumference and hips in females.

What is Laser and Vaser Liposuction? How are they different than Classical Liposuction?
In classical liposuction, a special solution is injected to the liposuction area by the help of a thin cannula. That liquid will ensure less bleeding and numb the operation area. Then the fat cells that have been tried to be liquidized will be sucked out by another cannula.

In laser liposuction, there is one more step added. Fat cells are tried to be melted down using a cannula with laser energy on its tip.

In vaser liposuction, in the step added, fat cells are tried to be melted down using a cannula disseminating ultrasonographic sound waves from its tip. It will ensure less bleeding during the operation. Since this operation is more specific to fat cells, the probability to impact nerves will be lessen down, and it is expected to have less loss of sense in the post-operation areas. Less edema is expected, resulting in shorter use of a corset and a faster return to social life. It is an alternative that can be considered especially for patients who want skin tightening while can be used in males to treat gynecomastia or define the lines in front of sixpacks and construct a more muscular abdomen appearance (six-pack surgery), i.e. operations called high-def liposuction. It is also an alternative that can be preferred in patients to undergo arm or jowl liposuction