Dhi Method Hair Transplantation

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What is DHI (Direct Hair Implant) Technique ?
Direct Hair Implant also known as DHI technique, makes a break through since it provides a comfort in hair implant and a healthy implant for grafts. DHI technique is a hair implant method performed using special pens. Hair follicles picked one by one from the neck region with FUE technique are implanted with DHI technique.

We can list its advantages as following;
** It removes the time for channel opening, reduces the time for grafts to stay outside,
** Grafts are implanted by placing into special pens,
** Grafts are placed into the skin with direct pen tip without no pressure and harm,
** Rate of waste in hair transplant is reduced to %1 ,
** Bleeding amount is minimum during the DHI Hair transplant.
**No post-operative symptoms such as swelling and pain are observed,
** Pens with graft placement are in different sizes for single, double and triple-hair follicles and natural implant can be provided with single-graft on the front side.

Vibrancy is gained with backward multiple follicles.

DHI is a definitely new era and revolution in hair implant since the channel opening system is skipped, it is relatively short, grafts are faster implanted and grafts are placed directly with no harm