Why Turkey

In the recent years , Turkey has become a global hub and popular destination in medical tourism , offering wide range of Health treatments with high technology equipped hospitals/clinics , experienced healthcare professionals and reasonable prices .
In the first quarter of 2021, 110,716 patients chose to visit Turkey for medical reasons.. 
Gynecology, (including IVF treatments) , general surgery (bariatric and metobolic) aesthetic surgeries, , dentistry, orthopedics and oncology are among the most preferred branches by International patients.

Other Benefits of travelling to Turkey for Medical Tourism ;

  • High quality medical facilities with lower costs in comparison to European countries
  • Awe-Inspiring natural features such as rich cultural heritage, historic sites dating back millenia and its cuisine famed Internationally.
  • Proximity to many European and  North African countries 
  • Thousands of JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited medical establishments
  • Combined summer&winter holiday packages in Luxury Hotels/ Resorts at affordable prices
  • Obtaining Health travel visa easily
  • No waiting list procedures
  • Multi lingual medical staff.